Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Blackout Shades

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Blinds and curtains are meant to block out sunlight, but they are also made to let light in. Although it’s nice to let in some natural lighting, sometimes you need the complete coverage that blinds alone can’t offer. Light can peek through small holes and gaps, and even with some curtains, light can still find its way through.

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Blackout Shades

If you struggle with this, here are some reasons you should consider buying blackout shades:

  1. You can get better sleep. Outside light can be a problem even at night, particularly if you live in an urban area with a lot of street lights. Blackout shades are also an especially good idea for people who work overnight shifts or those with young children who need a dark space to sleep during daylight hours.
  2. You can save on energy bills. The sunlight from an open window can quickly heat up an entire room. This might be nice on a cold winter day, but for your Florida home, it’s not ideal. Even with closed blinds, heat is not sealed in and radiates out into the room. Blackout shades offer another layer of insulation, keeping out the heat and making it easier and cheaper to keep your home cool.
  3. Ultimate privacy. As mentioned, blinds and shades don’t always offer complete coverage to keep out light. This also applies for privacy. With blackout shades, however, you can be certain that you have total privacy from the outside world.

If you’d like to learn more about getting blackout shades or other window coverings for your home, contact us today at Better Verticals by FAR. We look forward to serving you!

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