Why Windows Are Not Complete Without Curtains

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Blinds are great for privacy and letting in a certain desired amount of light, but sometimes, they don’t quite cover everything. They may have openings that still let in light or the heat and cold from outside. Perhaps, from an aesthetic point of view, they might just seem unfinished by themselves.

Why Windows Are Not Complete Without Curtains

Adding curtains to your windows is the best way to solve these problems. Here are some reasons why:

  • Curtains can block more light. Sometimes it’s not dark enough even with the blinds completely closed. Curtains can help block out any remaining light. This can be especially helpful in your bedroom while you’re trying to sleep in on Saturday morning or in the living room when you want to watch your favorite TV show without glare on the screen.
  • They insulate windows. We use a lot of energy to keep our homes cool, and windows are a weak point. They can let in a lot of heat, but curtains (particularly ones made of thicker fabrics) can help to insulate the window and keep the heat contained.
  • They make the room look more complete. Curtains and blinds together are the mark of a well-established household. Having no curtains at all makes the walls seem barren. Also, matching your curtains to the room’s colors or style can really “pull” everything together.
  • Increased privacy. If you don’t want anyone to be able to see into your bedroom or living room at night, a thick set of curtains can easily block the view.

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