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It might surprise you how far window treatments have come over the years.

Take a moment and look around your Fort Lauderdale, Florida home, paying attention to the windows. Do you have the same window treatments that you have had for years? Do they add beauty and style to the room? Are they in good shape and working properly? If your window treatments aren’t making you smile, then it might be time to change them. At Better Verticals by FAR, we welcome the chance to bring your rooms alive by installing new window treatments with the beauty and features that will add joy to your life.

Window Treatments in Fort Lauderdale, FL

It might surprise you how far window treatments have come over the years. When we first entered the industry 25 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the plethora of choices available today. For example, we have more than 3,000 options in vertical blinds alone! Add in shades, curtains, valances, and shutters, as well as custom window treatments, and there is no end to what we can accomplish in your home.

We take the time to learn what your objectives are for your window treatments. Our free in-home consultation gives us the opportunity to learn what privacy, light filtering, and aesthetic features are important to you. We bring samples, so you can see various options and better envision what your new window treatments will accomplish.

If you would like to see what new window treatments can do for one or more rooms in your home, reach out today to schedule a consultation appointment. We are confident you will see the value in our commitment to a better selection, better pricing, and better service than you expect.


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